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Macro photography of amazingly beautiful creatures, by Igor Siwanowicz.

…a perfect combination! By Nosotros.

“Scientists at the University of Western Australia have coined the term ‘disembodied cuisine’ to refer to a new tissue engineering technique that makes it possible to grow edible meat in a laboratory from sample cells.” But what would this in vitro-cultured meat look like, taste like? Interaction designer, James King offers a solution with his “Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow” project: “A mobile animal MRI unit scours the countryside looking for the most beautiful examples of livestock. The selected specimen is scanned from head to toe and accurate cross-sectional images of its inner organs are generated. The most aesthetically pleasing examples of anatomy will be used as templates to create molds for the in vitro meat. We wouldn’t necessarily choose to eat the same parts that we eat today. However, we might still want to recreate a familiar shape to better remind us where the ‘artificial’ meat came from.”

About the speculative designer James King and his project.

Read full article “Prototypes on future nature” Johnny Holland.

Crazy and powerful work by Morgan Blair.

I like HTML5




On Friday Internet Architects launched deFilharmonie.

We’ve made a new home page (architecture, design, xhtml, css), updated the css of the overall site, and optimized the tree structure together with the client.

deFilharmonie home design

defilharmonie design subpage

Discover, search, interact and share city live with Urban Dive. Video.

Release will be at the end of this year. Client: Yellow Pages.

urban dive
urban dive